Who we are

UK Financial Investments Limited (UKFI) is a Companies Act company and operates at arm’s-length from Government. UKFI’s sole shareholder is UK Government Investments Limited and its ultimate beneficial owner is HM Treasury. The company’s activities are governed by its Board, which is accountable to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and – through the Chancellor – Parliament.

Membership of the UKFI Board comprises a Chairman, a Chief Executive, Non-Executive Directors from the Private Sector and a Senior Government Official appointed by HM Treasury.

Members of the UKFI board

James Leigh-Pemberton - Chairman
Oliver Holbourn - Chief Executive
Kirstin Baker - HM Treasury appointed Director 
Philip Remnant - Senior Independent Director 
Marshall Bailey
Jitesh Gadhia
Jane Guyett
Lucinda Riches


18th August 2017

We have been made aware that members of the public have been approached and offered loans by fraudsters purporting to work for UK Financial Investments (UKFI). Please be aware that UKFI does not offer loans or any other financial service products to consumers. Any individuals who have been approached in this way are encouraged to report this to Action Fraud. The FCA website provides steps you can take to protect yourself, and how to spot and avoid scams from unauthorised firms.

11th May 2017

UKFI Notification re: Annual General Meetings (AGM)
UK Financial Investments Limited (UKFI), which manages the Government’s shareholding in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds), has lodged votes.