Investments Strategy

UKFI’s overarching objective is to manage the Government’s shareholdings commercially to create and protect value for the taxpayer as shareholder and to devise and execute a strategy for realising value for the Government’s investments in an orderly and active way over time within the context of protecting and creating value for the taxpayer as shareholder, paying due regard to the maintenance of financial stability and acting in a way that promotes competition.


Stewardship strategy

For all our investee companies, our engagement is focused on ensuring that their business strategies, performance, governance and risk-management are aligned to deliver sustainable value for the taxpayer. This approach is consistent with the best practice set out in the Financial Reporting Council’s Stewardship Code for Institutional Investors, which aims to enhance the quality of engagement between shareholders and companies.

The Financial Reporting Council first published the UK Stewardship Code for Institutional Investors in July 2010, and subsequently revised the Code in September 2012. The UK Stewardship Code aims to enhance the quality of engagement between asset managers and companies to help improve long-term risk-adjusted returns to shareholders.

UKFI is a committed signatory to the UK Stewardship Code and was assessed to be a Tier 1 signatory by the FRC in 2016 demonstrating our commitment to stewardship. More detail on how the UKFI complies with the principles of the code is set out within our Stewardship Code.

For any questions or queries regarding the approach of UKFI to the UK Stewardship Code please email 


Disposal strategy

UKFI is responsible for devising and recommending strategies to HM Treasury for returning the banks to private ownership, realising value for the taxpayer and executing the chosen strategy.  

Further details of our disposals strategy can be found on page 13 of our Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17.



18th August 2017

We have been made aware that members of the public have been approached and offered loans by fraudsters purporting to work for UK Financial Investments (UKFI). Please be aware that UKFI does not offer loans or any other financial service products to consumers. Any individuals who have been approached in this way are encouraged to report this to Action Fraud. The FCA website provides steps you can take to protect yourself, and how to spot and avoid scams from unauthorised firms.

11th May 2017

UKFI Notification re: Annual General Meetings (AGM)
UK Financial Investments Limited (UKFI), which manages the Government’s shareholding in the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds), has lodged votes.